Toxicity and Drug Testing

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Microbioreactors, Microfluidic devices, In vitro models, Drug testing, 3D cell-based assays. Antibody Data Search Beta.

Using a Microfluidic Device for Culture and Drug Toxicity Testing of 3D Cells

Authors: Jonas Christoffersson 1 ,. Carl-Fredrik Mandenius 1. Jonas Christoffersson 1 ,.

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Full text PDF Related articles. Abstract Microfluidic devices provide convenient assays tools for testing cell cultures in three-dimensional 3D formats.

Toxicity and drug screening with MEAs: Multiwell-MEA-System |

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Hence, it is essential to evaluate the toxicology potential of drug candidates at an early stage to save time and resource investment. As the evolving technologies of in vitro screening and modeling, various in vitro assays emerge as a rapid, high-efficient and cost-effective choice of estimating drug safety risks recommended by most regulatory authorities.

Focused on the increasing need and latest guidelines, Creative Biolabs has brought out this integrated in vitro toxicity testing service using a panel of assays to our global clients, which includes the following features:.

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We conduct cytotoxicity estimation using a panel of cell proliferation and viability tests, which can be sorted into four types by different endpoints:. Compounds interacting with cellular DNA can cause severe gene toxicity, leading to cancer or even inheritable defects. Cardiotoxicity represents one of the major concerns during drug development.

Heavily involved in drug metabolism and detoxification, the liver is the primary victim of drug toxicity.

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Combined with high content analysis, Creative Biolabs developed two hepatotoxicity evaluating models to minimize the liability of drug-induced liver injuries. Given the unneglectable adverse effects of ocular toxicity, estimation of ophthalmic hazard is also an essential step required for IND submission. We are able to conduct:.