Radar Remote Sensing of Urban Areas

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This active sensing technique provides all-day and all-weather mapping capability of considerably? ERS 1 and its sister system ERS 2 launch were primarily designed for ocean app- cations, but soon the focus of attention turned to onshore mapping.

Radar Remote Sensing of Urban Areas

Examples for typical applications are land cover classi? In parallel, international Space Shuttle Missions dedicated to radar remote sensing were conducted starting already in the s. It is indispe- ableeventodayandformanyregionsthebestelevationmodelavailable.

Differential SAR Interferometry based on time series of imagery of the ERS satellites and their successor Envisat became an important and unique technique for surface defor- tion monitoring. The spatial resolution of those devices is in the order of some tens of meters. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Illustrations note Illustrations, black and white; XVI, p. Other books in this series.

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Back cover copy This book presents a unique collection of state-of-the-art contributions by international remote sensing experts focussing on methodologies to extract information about urban areas from Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR data. SAR is an active remote sensing technique capable to gather data independently from sun light and weather conditions.

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Emphasizing technical and geometrical issues the potential and limits of SAR are addressed in focussed case studies, for example, the detection of buildings and roads, traffic monitoring, surface deformation monitoring, and urban change. These studies can be sorted into two groups: the mapping of the current urban state and the monitoring of change. The former covers, for instance, methodologies for the detection and reconstruction of individual buildings and road networks; the latter, for example, surface deformation monitoring and urban change.

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This includes also investigations related to the benefit of SAR Interferometry, which is useful to determine either digital elevation models and surface deformation or the radial velocity of objects e. Furthermore, the features of modern satellite and airborne sensor devices which provide high-spatial resolution of the urban scene are discussed. Audience: This book will be of interest to scientists and professionals in geodesy, geography, architecture, engineering and urban planning.

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In figure 2 the superposition among the points monitored by the radar and an optical image of the area has been represented.

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In particular, SAR data have been compared with the geometric levelling measurements of three structures in the area of Vomero. The concurrence among the general deformation obtained by SAR and the levelling measures is excellent, as shown in figure 3.

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