Lectures on Quantum Mechanics

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Lecture 1 - Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Stanford)

SE and they usually do not distinguish between on-line and off-line resources. Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: How do we handle problem users? Linked Online ISBN Print ISSN: Online ISSN: Primary MSC: Applied Math? MAA Book? Electronic Media? Apparel or Gift: false. Online Price 1 Label: List. Online Price 1: Print Price 1 Label: List. Print Price 1: Online Price 2 Label: Individual. Online Price 2: Print Price 2 Label: Individual. Print Price 2: Dual Price 1 Label: List. Dual Price 1: Dual Price 2 Label: Individual. In chapter 1 and 2, his discussion on classical Hamiltonian and constraint equations make it clear what constraint equations mean in physics and how it translates to e.

While classification of constraints into 4 types primary, secondary, first class, second class can be confusing, the discussion on constraint equations in Hamiltonian formalism is illuminating - since even in modern understanding of general relativity and electrodynamics , the constraint equations and evolution equations are exactly what the ADM decomposition and Maxwell's equations are. Although solid insights are probably manifest only after second or third reading, it is still worth reading despite the likelihood to be out of date compared to present-day developments in quantum field theory.

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This is especially the case when the book is only 90 small-sized pages thick. Classic example of one of those small books that you think will be a breeze to read, but then wind up taking up much more time than you initially thought. True testament to the genius of Paul Dirac. Aug 28, Manmohan Dash rated it it was amazing. To understand the formalism of quantization, a succinct technical exposition from the genius.

Aug 26, Jose Brox rated it really liked it Shelves: physics , quantum-mechanics , not-finished. I just read the first two lectures, which are the more elementary ones. Poisson brackets are introduced to get simpler expressions. Emphasis is put on the classific I just read the first two lectures, which are the more elementary ones. Emphasis is put on the classification and use of the restrictions applied to the variables. The development is done for a finite number of degrees of freedom, but as Dirac states it can straightly adapted for a field theory by taking the limit to infinite changing sums by integrals and the like.

An example based on electromagnetism is given. The exposition is quite clear given its conciseness and the aridity of the subject , but I think it could be helped by introducing the modern theory of abstract Lie algebras.

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics for Mathematics Students

Aug 25, Roberto Rigolin F Lopes rated it really liked it. We are in , Dirac is building a relativistic quantum theory starting from classical mechanics. Just four lectures. But he assumes that you know a great deal of physics so this is a good brain workout for curious readers; anyone can survive few short lectures.

He lost me several times but the text is warm and he took the time to explain isomorphisms between abstractions and its physical meanings. This is priceless against the usual dullness of textbooks. There is also a sense of surprise becau We are in , Dirac is building a relativistic quantum theory starting from classical mechanics.

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  • There is also a sense of surprise because he is never sure that his quantum theory will hold in the end. Often saying that we need a bit of luck to match the consistency conditions.

    Lectures On Quantum Mechanics

    It didn't because of "quite formidable difficulties". Jun 05, Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: phd-studies. Reading this book somehow cured me of my armchair physicist fascination with quantum mechanics: prior to read these lectures, I had the awe-struck feeling that any part of this theory could reveal the mysteries of the universe.

    The plain-spoken and formula-heavy presentation of curved and flat surfaces seemed to have less and less connection to any part of the universe, the more he went on. Sep 02, Mark Petkov rated it it was amazing. Dirac at its best revealing some of the most intrinsic concepts of physics through elegant mathematics.

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    Aug 07, Juan Falgueras cano rated it it was ok Shelves: quantum-lectures. Sep 14, Innay Eza added it.

    Abraham Alaka rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Geonema rated it it was amazing Jan 21,