Articular cartilage tissue engineering

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Physico-chemical and mechanical characterization of in-situ forming xyloglucan gels incorporating a growth factor to promote cartilage reconstruction. Materials Science and Engineering: C , 70 , Miguel Oliveira, Rui L. Zurnal Hromatograficnogo tovaristva , 16 , Scientific Reports , 6 1 DOI: Thavasyappan Thambi, V. Giang Phan, Doo Sung Lee. Macromolecular Rapid Communications , 37 23 , Philipp T.

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Macromolecular Bioscience , 16 11 , Reversible light-controllable intelligent gel based on simple spiropyran-doped with biocompatible lecithin. Dyes and Pigments , , Hemicellulose-reinforced nanocellulose hydrogels for wound healing application. Cellulose , 23 5 , Development of nanocellulose scaffolds with tunable structures to support 3D cell culture. Hydrogel as a bioactive material to regulate stem cell fate. Bioactive Materials , 1 1 , Gurrea, O.

Guaresti, I.

Algar, A. Maleimide-grafted cellulose nanocrystals as cross-linkers for bionanocomposite hydrogels. Iurii Antoniuk, Catherine Amiel. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 9 , Mechanically resilient, injectable, and bioadhesive supramolecular gelatin hydrogels crosslinked by weak host-guest interactions assist cell infiltration and in situ tissue regeneration. Biomaterials , , Small , 12 32 , Joshua R. Xylan hemicellulose improves chitosan hydrogel for bone tissue regeneration.

Polymers for Advanced Technologies , 27 8 , Brian J. Huang, Jerry C. Hu, Kyriacos A. Cell-based tissue engineering strategies used in the clinical repair of articular cartilage. Biomaterials , 98 , Chemistry - An Asian Journal , 11 11 , Organometallic Hydrogels. ChemNanoMat , 2 5 , Macromolecular Bioscience , 16 4 , The self-crosslinking smart hyaluronic acid hydrogels as injectable three-dimensional scaffolds for cells culture.

Laura W. Macromolecular Bioscience , 16 3 , Advanced Functional Materials , 26 6 , Materials Science and Engineering: C , 59 , Current approaches and future perspectives on strategies for the development of personalized tissue engineering therapies. A biodegradable, biocompatible transdermal device derived from carboxymethyl cellulose and multi-walled carbon nanotubes for sustained release of diclofenac sodium. RSC Advances , 6 23 , Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics , 1 , RSC Advances , 6 76 , An in situ forming tissue adhesive based on poly ethylene glycol -dimethacrylate and thiolated chitosan through the Michael reaction.

Journal of Materials Chemistry B , 4 33 , A comparative study of the mechanical properties of hybrid double-network hydrogels in swollen and as-prepared states.

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Journal of Materials Chemistry B , 4 35 , RSC Advances , 6 67 , Deepthi, Amna A. Abdul Gafoor, A. Sivashanmugam, Shantikumar V. Nair, R. Nanostrontium ranelate incorporated injectable hydrogel enhanced matrix production supporting chondrogenesis in vitro. Journal of Materials Chemistry B , 4 23 , Ying-Ting Chen, Venkanagouda S. RSC Advances , 6 50 , Hydrolytically degradable, dendritic polyglycerol sulfate based injectable hydrogels using strain promoted azide—alkyne cycloaddition reaction. Polymer Chemistry , 7 2 , Hybrid nanocomposite hydrogels with high strength and excellent self-recovery performance.

RSC Advances , 6 64 , Modeling the nanomechanical responses of biopolymer composites during the nanoindentation. Thin Solid Films , , Fibers , 3 4 , Directed osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cell in three-dimensional biodegradable methylcellulose-based scaffolds. Sivashanmugam, R.

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Arun Kumar, M. Vishnu Priya, Shantikumar V.

Chitosan composite scaffolds for articular cartilage defect repair: a review

An overview of injectable polymeric hydrogels for tissue engineering. European Polymer Journal , 72 , Ana M. Extremely strong and tough hydrogels as prospective candidates for tissue repair — A review. Polyelectrolyte induced formation of silver nanoparticles in copolymer hydrogel and their application as catalyst.

Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

Materials Research Bulletin , 70 , Journal of Functional Biomaterials , 6 3 , Nanostructured Pluronic hydrogels as bioinks for 3D bioprinting. Biofabrication , 7 3 , Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition , 26 12 , Anahita Khanlari, Tiffany C. Suekama, Michael S. Detamore, Stevin H. Structurally diverse and readily tunable photocrosslinked chondroitin sulfate based copolymers. Angewandte Chemie , 27 , Angewandte Chemie International Edition , 54 27 , Santo, Elena G. Mano, Manuela E. Gomes, Rui L.

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Natural assembly of platelet lysate-loaded nanocarriers into enriched 3D hydrogels for cartilage regeneration. Acta Biomaterialia , 19 , Injectable hydrogels derived from phosphorylated alginic acid calcium complexes. Materials Science and Engineering: C , 51 , Biomaterials , 52 , Multinuclear NMR studies on the effect of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions on bindings to counterions to weakly acidic and basic polyelectrolytes.

Tough and elastic hydrogel of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate as potential cell scaffold materials. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules , 74 , Non-covalent interaction cooperatively induced stretchy, tough and stimuli-responsive polyurethane—urea supramolecular PUUS hydrogels. Journal of Materials Chemistry B , 3 14 , Naphtali A. The crosslinking of polysaccharides with polyamines and dextran—polyallylamine antibacterial hydrogels.

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International Journal of Biological Macromolecules , 72 , CO 2 as a regulator for the controllable preparation of highly dispersed chitosan-supported Pd catalysts in ionic liquids. Chemical Communications , 51 54 , Guangzheng Gao, William Z. Xu, John F. Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology , 35 1 , Silva, R. Drug delivery systems and cartilage tissue engineering scaffolding using marine-derived products.

Sophorolipid assisted tunable and rapid gelation of silk fibroin to form porous biomedical scaffolds. RSC Advances , 5 43 , RSC Advances , 5 39 , Molla R. Analytica Chimica Acta , ,, Fundamentals of double network hydrogels. Journal of Materials Chemistry B , 3 18 , Stefanie C. Waller, Bart Jan Ravoo. Mechanically strong hybrid double network hydrogels with antifouling properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry B , 3 27 , A novel temperature and pH dual-responsive hybrid hydrogel with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane as crosslinker: synthesis, characterization and drug release properties.

Polymer International , 63 12 , Deniz Ozdil, Halil Murat Aydin. Polymers for medical and tissue engineering applications.

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Progress in Polymer Science , 39 7 , Therapeutic applications of hydrogels in oral drug delivery. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery , 11 6 , Low-cost removal of organic pollutants with nickel nanoparticle loaded ordered macroporous hydrogel as high performance catalyst. Materials Chemistry and Physics , 3 , Hydrogel based injectable scaffolds for cardiac tissue regeneration. Biotechnology Advances , 32 2 , Mechanically strong and stretchable polyurethane—urea supramolecular hydrogel using water as an additional in situ chain extender.

RSC Advances , 4 46 , Polypeptide-engineered physical hydrogels designed from the coiled-coil region of cartilage oligomeric matrix protein for three-dimensional cell culture. B , 2 20 , Responsive polymer?