Alfred Tennyson: A Literary Life

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Caws, Mary Ann; and Gerhard Joseph.

A Literary Life

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Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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Early life and work

Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens. Visit Wightwick Manor and view a spectacular gem in the heart of the West Midlands. Wightwick Manor and Gardens. National Trust.

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Back to top. Search the site Search. You might also be interested in. It contained work that would become well known, such as "The Lady of Shalott," but received unfavorable reviews. These greatly affected Tennyson, and he subsequently shied away from publication for a decade, though he continued to write during that time. After leaving Cambridge, Tennyson had remained close to Arthur Hallam, who had fallen in love with Tennyson's sister Emily. When Hallam died suddenly in , likely from a stroke, it was a devastating loss for the poet and his family.

In , Tennyson fell in love with Emily Sellwood, sister to his brother Charles's wife; the two were soon engaged. However, due in part to concerns about his finances and his health — there was a history of epilepsy in the Tennyson family, and the poet worried he had the disease — Tennyson ended the engagement in Tennyson finally published more poetry in the two-volume Poems Highlights included a revised "The Lady of Shalott," and also "Locksley Hall," "Morte d'Arthur" and "Ulysses" which ends with the well-known line, "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield".

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This work was positively reviewed. Unfortunately, in Tennyson lost most of his money after investing in an unsuccessful wood-carving venture. Tennyson would recover some of the funds in , thanks to an insurance policy a friend had taken out for him. But he hit a career high note with "In Memoriam" It greatly impressed readers and won Tennyson many admirers. In addition to addressing his feelings about losing Hallam, "In Memoriam" also speaks to the uncertainty that many of Tennyson's contemporaries were grappling with at the time.

Geologists had shown that the planet was much older than stated in the Bible; the existence of fossils also contradicted the story of creation. Having read books such as Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology , Tennyson was well aware of these developments. Tennyson, who had learned he did not have epilepsy and was feeling more financially secure, had reconnected with Emily Sellwood it was she who suggested the title "In Memoriam".

The two were married in June Tennyson's poetry became more and more widely read, which gave him both an impressive income and an ever-increasing level of fame. The poet sported a long beard and often dressed in a cloak and broad-brimmed hat, which made it easy for fans to spot him.

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A move to the Isle of Wight in offered Tennyson an escape from his growing crowds of admirers, but Tennyson wasn't cut off from society there — he would welcome visitors such as Prince Albert , fellow poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Hawaii's Queen Emma. The first four books of Tennyson's Idylls of the King , an epic take on the Arthurian legend, appeared in In , Enoch Arden and Other Poems sold 17, copies on its first day of publication.

Tennyson became friendly with Queen Victoria, who found comfort in reading "In Memoriam" following the death of her husband Prince Albert in